Safety & Security

Safety and Security is our first priority.

Since 1946, Irvin Simon has pioneered unique methods and techniques to ensure a safe and secure photographic experience. In fact, our Safety & Security Program is unparalleled in the industry which explains why schools have trusted us for more than 68 years. Here’s how we do it:

Hire The Best Photographers

Potential photographers are subjected to a rigorous hiring process. Those select candidates who pass the initial interview process are then observed and evaluated in a controlled testing environment. Finally, potential photographers are enrolled in our formal on-site training program conducted by the best and brightest photographers and school safety experts.

Employee Background Screening

Each Irvin Simon Photographer is carefully screened before joining our team. This includes thorough, and recurring, background checks on any criminal, legal, credit, and motor vehicle history. We also contract with a third party Employment Security Firm to independently verify our findings.

Diversity and Sensitivity Training

Parents, children, and educators come in all sorts of different sizes, colors, and shapes. We do not only capture great photographs, we also ensure that the photography experience is safe, comfortable, and fun for all. All of our staff attend diversity and sensitivity training on a regular basis. They also participate in interactive role-playing exercises to train for any special challenges that might occur.

Personal Information

We are very protective of any personal information used in our photography processes. We have partnered with Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding program to ensure that all materials are properly disposed of so your information stays safe.

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